• Outsourcing Maintenance
    As if outsourcing wasn’t tough enough. Since I wrote my February 2020 column exploring the external factors maintenance and engineering managers should consider when choosing a provider or contractor, nearly everything has changed.  Read More »
  • Higher Relative Humidity Impairs Repiratory Virus
    Hopes of COVID-19 slowing down in the spring and summer in part hinge on the way higher relative humidity levels boost the body's ability to fend off respiratory viruses. As dryer air is sure to return in the fall, facility managers should be taking a look now at how their facility measures and maintains optimal humidity levels in their space and taking proactive measures where needed to make sure they can hit the mark.  Read More »
  • Human focused lighting
    A colleague sent this the me today and it sparked my interest on how facilities are approaching lighting and their employees.  Read More »


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Mechanical Technology, Inc is an equal opportunity employer and is always looking for well qualified service technicians, programmers, and test and balance employees. MTI uses IBEW electricians for all controls installations and electrical work.

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